Celebrity testimonials

I work with a lot of celebrities. Those on this page were happy to talk about the benefits of my treatments.

There are other celebrities who didn't want to be included and I will always respect a client's right to privacy.
Katie Price
Glamour Model & TV Personality
Denise Van Outen
TV Presenter
Vicky Pattision
Reality TV & Presenter 
"I'm addicted and love Shane's bespoke head-to-toe treatments for the face and body. Results are Amazing! I love my skin and my bum lifts."
"I'm now at an age where I need to look after myself. My head-to-toe bespoke treatment was amazing. I am absolutely thrilled with my results, my skin feels incredible."
"Since Shane Cooper has been looking after my face, my skin has never felt and looked so good. I've had so many compliments. The best anti-ageing facials ever!"
Jessica Wright
Reality TV
Ferne McCann
Reality TV
Holly Hagan
Reality TV
"For me its so important that my skin is the best it can be, more important than any makeup you can have. My skin feels flawless, love his bespoke treatments."
"As well as hitting the gym and eating clean I am having Shane Cooper's head-to-toe treatment to tighten, tone and contour my body. Love my results."
"Having the bespoke VIP head to toe treatment. The best pamper day with Shane Cooper, you are the best!"
Bianca Gascoigne
Reality TV
Georgia Kousoulou
Reality TV
Tommy Mallet
Reality TV
"Love Shane Cooper's head-to-toe bespoke treatments, so pleased with my results, amazing. Can't wait for my next treatment!"
"Love Shane Cooper's bespoke facials, my skin feels amazing and so refreshed. It's so nice being pampered in my own home."
"Big up Shane Cooper's bespoke facials."
Casey Batchelor
Glamour Model & Reality TV
Mike Thala
Reality TV
Amber Dowding
Reality TV
"Absolutely loved my treatment from Shane Cooper! I can't believe how much firmer my bum feels after one treatment. I will be definitely having more."
"Even us blokes gotta look after ourselves sometimes, so the boy Shane Cooper come and sorted me a bespoke facial. Noticed the results instantly."
"Shane's treatments have made me feel so much more confident. Love the amazing results especially on the bum lift and how it's reduced my cellulite."
Amber Turner
Reality TV
Marnie Simpson
Reality TV
Duncan James
Singer & Soap Actor
"Shane is helping me feel more confident and bikini body ready. The immediate results are amazing and it only gets better as the treatment continues to work."
"Having my body treatment with Shane Cooper, I can already see an amazing result after my first treatment. Can't wait for my next one!"
"Shane Cooper's treatment was like no other. The results were amazing. Loved how he combines all his machines to get the best results. My face has never felt so good after a treatment."
Casey Cody Johnson
Singer & TV Personality
Gail Porter
TV Presenter/ Personality
Craig Colton
Singer/ Song Writer
"Had the main man Shane Cooper doing me a bespoke face treatment! I love my results, my skin feels smooth, hydrated and fresh."
"Starting my bespoke non-surgical treatments with the amazing Shane! My skin feels flawless."
"The best my face has ever felt and look is since Shane has been looking after my skin."
Sarah Lindsey
British Olympian
Vogue Williams
Fitness Model & TV Personality
Brian McFadden
Singer & TV Presenter
"Shane's bespoke treatment is like no other facial I've had before. Love how he completely tailors and combines his treatments. I feel confident without wearing make-up."
"Absolutely love Shane's bespoke face and body treatments. I'm addicted! Can't wait for my next one as his results are just amazing."
"Thanks Shane for sorting my mush out! Skin feels way better."
Francine Lewis
Impressionist & BGT finalist
"Shane worked his magic on my booty. OMG I love the results already. I cant wait to have my next session thank you so much. Love it!"

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