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The Pyramid Facelift

This skin treatment is designed to lift, smooth and firm the face, leaving you looking and feeling more youthful. It’s effective, safe and the results are long-lasting – results are akin to a mini facelift without the scalpel! This amazing treatment offers 6 benefits.

Benefit of The Pyramid Facelift include:
• Dermal volumising
• Skin resurfacing
• Skin tightening
• Skin rejuvenation
• Facial contouring
• Scarring

Utilising the unique Divine Pro platform, the minimally invasive treatment combines the technologies of VoluDerm, TriFractional RF and TriPollar with DMA (Dynamic Muscle Activation)

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Shane Cooper combines cryo ice treatments!

My Results I achieved with a client after 1 of my combined Cryo Ice treatments.

I Started with the Cryo Ice Facial where it was developed to incorporate the restorative properties of sub-zero temperatures, with innovative stem cell technology to promote cell regeneration and rejuvenation. The cold temperature immediately helps to tighten, tone and lift the skin, whilst the stem cells promote collagen production , resulting in a more youthful and elastic skin.img_4942-1img_4941

This treatment can

  • Reduce fine lines and wrinkles
  • Reduce pore size
  • Rejuvenate skin
  • Improves skin tone and texture
  • Improves skin elasticity
  • Increases blood flow to the skin

I then finished off with Cryo Cool-Lifting Gun. Cryo Lift is a revolutionary registered system that allows performing a shocking facial treatment through a safe, fast and efficient method. The Coo-Lifting gun projects on the facial tissues a powerful CO2 flow, at a very low temperature and a very high pressure, combined with a high concentration of atomized actives.

The CooLifting guns shoots on the facial tissues a powerful CO2 flow at a very low temperature and a high pressure, combined with an extremely high concentration of atomized actives. It is the most spectacular and fast treatment ever seen to challenge passing time.

The CooLifting treatment generates an immediate effect (lifting) smoothing the skin, eliminating superficial wrinkles and reducing deep wrinkles, followed by a lasting rejuvenating effect.

My results are proof that you can achieve Amazing Anti-Aging results without resulting to surgery!!! This is the Celebrity Beauty Secret


Here are the results I have achieved for a client after only 3 Ultimate facial workouts. This client found me via my Facebook page (Shane Caci Beauty), after completing a course of CACI at another salon, she found my work and seen the results I have achieved. My client is over the moon with the results. All my treatments are Non-Surgical and Non-Invasive. In my Ultimate Facial workout I use CACI and CRYO. Using micro-current to lift and re-educate the facial muscles back to there original place, LED light therapy, Orbital Microdermabrasion, Hydration, Skin care, Wrinkle comb (alternative to filler), Hydration Mask. Then to finish off the treatment I use the Cryo Cool-Lifting fine lines (Alternative to botox)

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